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Donate to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada JONASAURUS FUNDRAISER
What is this?:
Force Jonesy and Eric to use the “Jonasaurus” nickname during a Raptors broadcast!
Why do we want to do this?:

George Rusic and Jeff Sammut, the co-hosts of Sportsnet Tonight, have been jokingly asking the Raptors radio play-by-play team of Paul Jones and Eric Smith to use the nickname “Jonasaurus” to describe Toronto centre Jonas Valanciunas during a broadcast.  Paul and Eric think the nickname is ridiculous and were adamant to never use it but if George and Jeff can raise $500 for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, Paul and Eric will use the nickname once a quarter during the Wednesday, March 26 broadcast of the game between the Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics on Sportsnet 590 The Fan!
How can I help?:
Help George and Jeff raise $500.00 by making an online donation now!

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