Blue Jays off-season diary: January

Toronto Blue Jays prospect Marcus Stroman.

Each month will keep you up-to-date with what the Toronto Blue Jays have been doing in the off-season. Here’s the December edition.

Jan. 4:

Brett Lawrie lets us all know he got back from his trip to Europe alright.

From the airport to his second home.


Jan. 5:

Ricky Romero and girlfriend Kara Lang get comfy for the 49ers game.

Jan. 6:

I never understood the hashtags.

Jose Reyes on that next level with leopard print pants and an invisible glass of Dom.

Jan. 7:

I’m no fashion expert but are you trying to tell us that you’re wearing an expensive brand of shoes, Marcus?

Jan. 8:

Adam Lind makes the jumbotron at the Raptors game.

Former Jay Frank Thomas gets inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Jan. 10:

Brings me back to the good ol’ T-ball days.

Jan. 11:

Lawrie gets honoured by Baseball Canada.

Swimming lessons with Edwin.

Being diligent with his training.

Hitting those underwater dingers.

Jan. 12:

Move over Gordon Ramsay.

Have to be a little more cautious while golfing in Florida.

Jan. 15:

Todd Redmond gets ready for a good ol’ Canadian January.

Fitting weather for the Winter Tour, right?

Jan. 16:

And they’re off.

Jan. 17:

A few of the boys in Buffalo/Niagara during the Winter Tour.

Some of the Jays exchange jerseys ahead of the London Knights game.

Meanwhile, Jose Bautista does a little work.

Jan. 18:

Justin Tugwell of the London Nationals gets a visit from Esmil Rogers and Colby Rasmus.

Lawrie gets a birthday present from his teammates.

Redmond & Co. sign some autographs for fans.

Jan. 20:

Stroman gets a pedicure.

Jan. 21:

A little father-son bonding.

There’s no stopping Reyes.

Jan. 23:

A new #TBT by Reyes.

Jan. 25:

Bautista goes whale watching.

Jan. 28:

Stroman gets a little heated on the golf course.

Lawrie working his ground game.

Jan. 29:

Lawrie takes some time to watch his favourite show…

Blue Jays hold their State of the Franchise.

Anthopoulos gives his thoughts on the club.

New year, new glove?

Jan. 30:

Stroman gets a photo with Peyton Manning.

…and his little bro.

The season hasn’t started yet and Bautista already has an amazing highlight reel.

Another #TBT from Reyes.

Morrow pulls a Lawrie and hits the gym.