Jays off-season diary: What they did in October

Here's what the Blue Jays were up to for the first month of the winter (Photo credit: Jose Reyes)

Each month sportsnet.ca will keep you up-to-date with what the Toronto Blue Jays have been doing in the off-season.

Here’s a look at what some of the guys were up to in October…

Oct 1:

Ricky Romero and girlfriend Kara Lang wasted little time before taking a trip to Europe.

Oct 2:

Oct. 3:

Jose Reyes was all smiles while enjoying a night out with New York Yankees’ Robinson Cano & Co.

Meanwhile, back in Europe…

Oct 4:

Oct 6:

It didn’t take long before Reyes got a nice home-cooked meal…

Oct 7:

European sunset.

Oct 9:

Here’s why you should never fall asleep poolside around Jose Reyes. Watch:

Edwin Encarnacion kicked off the off-season in style.

Oct 11:
Vegas vacation. With or without Nick Pappagiorgio?

Oct 12:
Back home, Romero returned to expanding his shoe collection.

E.E. didn’t want to leave the hot tub for his Usain Bolt pose.

Oct 17:

Brett Lawrie has been taking his aggressive style from the field to the gym.

Oct 18:

“I got skills like Forrest Gump.”

Oct 19:

#LegDay for Lawrie

Oct 20:

At least Bautista knows that you can’t spell ‘Sunday Funday’ without fun.

Oct 22:

Good news Jays fans: Bautista gets cleared to work out!


Oct 23:

Romero and Lang back home for birthday celebrations.

Oct 24:

Luckily for us, Bautista hasn’t been shy about sharing throwback photos. #TBT

Oct 29:

Lawrie gave his own workout two thumbs up.

Oct 31:

Halloween with the sis.

Nov 2:

Take a trip, Jose… why not?

Nov 3:

Give us your best Jackie O impersonation, Jose. Ready? GO!

“Brett and the Bros.”

No explanation needed… #Halloween2013

Nov 4:

Anyone else singing ‘I’m coming home’ in their head while watching this?

Nov 5:

Speaking of ‘coming home.’

“Stay classy, Toronto.”