Twitter reacts to U.S. broadcaster dissing Canadians

Listen as announcer Harold Reynolds explains why he thinks Canadian can’t catch baseballs hit into the stands.

If the Blue Jays manage to bring the American League Division Series back to Toronto, U.S. broadcaster Harold Reynolds might want to reconsider making the trip north.

The FOX Sports analyst and former major leaguer set Twitter ablaze during Sunday night’s Game 3 between the Blue Jays and Rangers when he explained his thoughts on Canadians catching foul balls hit into the crowd at baseball games.

“We were talking about foul balls in the stands up in Toronto,” he began, before verbally digging a hole for himself. “Because there’s not a lot of people that grew up playing baseball in Canada, they’re not used to catching a lot of balls hit into the stands.”

Naturally, social media went wild. Here are some of the best tweets.

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