‘Diehard’ fans think Shawn Carter, Ned Stark play for Lakers

Watch as the Los Angeles Lakers select Lonzo Ball second overall, hopefully setting them up for a bright future.

What do Lonzo Ball, Ned Stark and Shawn Carter have in common?

They’re all up-and-coming talents on the court for the Los Angeles Lakers, according to a few *diehard fans.

The Sacramento Kings‘ media team took a page from Jimmy Kimmel’s book over the weekend when they pulled a light-hearted prank on Lakers supporters in Vegas. During the final weekend of Summer League play, a Kings reporter asked L.A. fans their thoughts on the performances of new Lakers Ned Stark and Shawn Carter.

Stark, of course, is a character from Game of Thrones. And Carter? Well, that’s Jay-Z. Still, that didn’t stop fans from sharing their excitement about their club’s “newest draftees.”

Takeaways: Carter is good, but needs to produce more. And Stark will be key for revving up the rivalry between the Lakers and Kings. Watch:

The Lakers ended up getting the last laugh, as they claimed the Summer League title while actual Laker Lonzo Ball was named MVP.

* Their words, not ours.