Gotta See It: Fifth-grader pulls off perfect Curry impression

Noah Cutler is taking the internet by storm with his impressive ball-handling skills. (babybirdman3/Instagram)

As evidenced by the all-star returns, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is among the most popular players in the NBA and he earned his reputation as a bona fide superstar from mainly two skills: His divine shooting stroke and his outrageous handle.

Because of his popularity it should come as no surprise that kids everywhere are trying to emulate what he does out on the basketball court.

His shot is likely impossible to copy because, let’s face it, no has and probably ever will shoot the way Curry does, but his ball-handling skills are a different story.

Case in point, fifth-grade phenom Noah Cutler who recently posted a video to Instagram of him copying, dribble-for-dribble one of Curry’s pre-game feats of ball-handling wizardry:

A few weeks back, he also did his best Kyrie Irving impression:

Curry and Irving are arguably the very best ball-handlers in the NBA today and this kid is executing their moves like they're nothing, so he seems pretty legit.

It’s unclear just what kind player he’ll end up being and if he’ll get a chance to play major collegiate basketball down the road, let alone pro ball in the NBA, but this seems like a pretty good base. I mean, he even has sick crosses on a hoverboard, so he’s got to be good, right?