NBA players back Obama; owners Romney

November 4, 2012, 6:17 PM

Every NBA player who made a donation in the presidential election contributed to the campaign of U.S. president Barack Obama while the contributions from owners went largely in favour of Republican nominee Mitt Romney., via, has composed a list of people around the league who have made contributions to the campaigns of Obama and Romney.

Among the players who helped out the president’s campaign were Dallas Mavericks forward Vince Carter, Los Angeles Clippers forward Grant Hill and New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, who each chipped in $5,000.

A couple of people with Raptors ties — including senior advisor Wayne Embry and former player Anthony Parker — also aided Obama as did NBA commissioner David Stern.

Jerry Colangelo, father of Raptors president and general manager Brian, who formerly owned the Phoenix Suns, sent some money in for the Romney campaign.

Suns owner Robert Sarver, Pacers owner Herb Simon and along with Dan, Dick, Doug, and Rick Devos, all members of the Orlando Magic’s ownership group made contributions to aid Romney.

The final tally was 42 NBA donors for Obama for a total of $128,145 and 32 donors for Romney for a total of $118,500.


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