Report: 5 new names trademarked for Hornets

December 19, 2012, 8:58 PM

It has been rumoured that the new ownership group in New Orleans has been pushing the NBA to allow the team to lose the Hornets moniker in exchange for something with a little more local flavour for quite some time and it looks as though they may get their wish. reports that Anil V. George, an attorney who handles many trademark issues for the league, has filed claims for five different potential new nicknames.

The list includes the Pelicans, Mosquitos, Swamp Dogs, Bullsharks and Rougarou.

All have local ties with New Orleans and the Pelicans are said to be the early favourite.

In case you were wondering, a Rougarou is a mythical creature that is said to prowl swamps with a human torso and the head of a wolf.

Seems like a Rougarou would be a little tougher than a mosquito or a pelican although mosquitos can be rather pesky.

If the Hornets change names, which of the following would be most appropriate?

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