Pacers guard Victor Oladipo responds to Trump with new song

Indiana Pacers' Victor Oladipo poses for photos during the NBA media day. (Darron Cummings/AP)

Multitalented Indiana Pacers guard Victor Oladipo is using his creativity to take a stand against the current U.S. administration.

Besides dunking in the NBA, Oladipo has also shown some hops as an R&B singer, so he released a new track Wednesday in response to President Trump’s attacks on athletes who have been kneeling during the national anthem to protest social and racial injustice.

V.O.’s “Rope A Dope” features a pointed rap cameo by 2 Chainz—“Pledge allegiance on one knee/ Shoes Crocodile Dundee/ Attire on the highest level/ Go to war with a giant devil”—and spins the conversation to the positive.


Oladipo grew up in Maryland, a stone’s throw from D.C., singing alongside his immigrant parents in church since age seven.

The title of the ball player’s single invokes Muhammad Ali’s boxing technique, and the lyrics of “Rope A Dope” pivots the Trump/sports conversation towards unity, encouraging all to get involved.

“I wanted to address what was going on and bring awareness to it, but in a positive manner,” Oladipo said in a release.

“I want people to feel inspired and motivated to be great, and to stand up and have confidence. We need to come together as a country to deal with these problems. We aren’t going to solve anything unless we’re united.”

Oladipo’s debut EP, Songs for You, drops Oct. 6.