Raps players taking big hit during lockout

October 22, 2011, 5:54 PM

The ongoing contract battle between the NBA and its players is costing those involved a pretty penny, some more than others.

Earlier this week, the Washington Post’s Michael Lee broke down just how much the lockout was costing NBA players and some Toronto Raptors are taking quite a hit.
Lee reasoned that since the season is 170 days long, that stands to figure that the players have already lost 14/170ths of their salary for the season.

No one on the Raptors is among the 30 biggest NBA salaries but that doesn’t mean that they are escaping financial pain.

Point guard Jose Calderon was set to make $9,780,993 this season so for every day that the lockout lasts, he will lose $57,535.29 off of his paycheck. Andrea Bargnani will lose $52,941.18 of his $9-million salary every day.

On the other end of the totem pole, Solomon Alabi, the Raptors’ lowest-paid player at $830,000, will lose only $4,882.35 per day.

As for the Raptors organization, Forbes reported that the team’s gate receipts generate just over $1 million per game, part of an annual revenue of $138 million. It’s hard to say how much of a ding the revenue will take overall but the franchise has already lost three regular season games plus some preseason revenue as well.

Kobe Bryant is the NBA’s highest-paid player as his contract would have seen him earn $25.244 million this season or $148,494.12 per day.

Wizards forward Rashard Lewis is taking the second-biggest hit. He has already lost $1.82 million of his $22.15-million salary already during the lockout.

Here is how much the Raptors players are losing on a daily basis:

Player Salary Average per day
Jose Calderon $9,780,993 $57,535.29
Andrea Bargnani $9,000,000 $52,941.18
Leandro Barbosa $7,600,000 $44,705.88
Amir Johnson $5,500,000 $32,352.94
Linas Kleiza $4,605,000 $27,088.24
Jerryd Bayless $3,042,280 $17,895.76
DeMar DeRozan $2,625,000 $15,441.18
Ed Davis $2,063,040 $12,135.53
James Johnson $1,833,120 $10,783.06
Sonny Weems (Q.O.) $1,091,100 $6418.23
Solomon Alabi $830,000 $4882.35
The NBA’s big five
Kobe Bryant $25,244,000 $148,494.12
Rashard Lewis $22,152,000 $130,305.88
Tim Duncan $21,300,000 $125,294.12
Kevin Garnett $21,200,000 $124,705.88
Gilbert Arenas $19,269,308 $113,348.87

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