Recently traded Terrence Ross thanks Raptors fans on Twitter

Sportsnet's Jesse Rubinoff breaks down the trade that brings the much coveted Serge Ibaka to the Raptors for Terrence Ross and a first round pick.

Terrence Ross took to Twitter to thank Toronto fans shortly after it was announced he was being traded to the Orlando Magic for Serge Ibaka.

The Toronto Raptors drafted Ross with the eighth-overall pick in 2012. He averaged 9.5 points per game of 42.2 per cent shooting for his career with Toronto.

Some of his career highlights with the Raptors include a franchise record-tying 51-point game in 2014 and winning the slam dunk contest in 2013.

Interestingly enough, the 26-year-old changed his Twitter handle from “@T_DotFlight31” to “@TFlight31” a few minutes after he sent out the “thank you.”