Raptors’ Davis: ‘My make or break year’

October 1, 2012, 7:25 PM

Sportsnet’s Eric Smith talked to all the players and coaches at media day. Here are some of the best 1-on-1 interviews.

Jose Calderon has been at the heart of many trade rumours over the last few years and touches on the new situation at point guard with Kyle Lowry. He also comments on his Olympic experience and the other athletes he got to meet in London.

Listen now:Calderon 1-on-1

Of course Dwane Casey is all about defence, but he also explains how the Raptors can improve on offence.

Listen now:Casey 1-on-1

Bryan Colangelo is very confident about a seamless transition for rookie centre Jonas Valanciunas and he’s also very excited for what should be a very deep point guard situation.

Listen now:Colangelo 1-on-1

Ed Davis has a shocking prediction for the Raptors and calls this season a make or break year for his career.

Listen now:Davis 1-on-1

John Lucas has history with coach Duane Casey, whom he says reminds him of his own father.

Listen now:Lucas III 1-on-1

Kyle Lowry discusses his relationship with fellow Villanova standout Alvin Williams and what he can add to the Raptors’ offence while being a nuisance on defence.

Listen now:Lowry 1-on-1


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