Fan Fuel: Chiefs set sights on playoffs with QB Alex Smith

February 28, 2013, 12:58 PM


On Wednesday, it was reported that the Kansas City Chiefs had traded their second round pick in this year’s draft (plus a conditional pick next year) for San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Alex Smith. Matt Cassel, the Chiefs quarterback since 2009, is expected to be released.

As a Chiefs fan, I am very happy with this trade and very excited to see Alex Smith lead my Chiefs on the field next season.

In 2010, the Chiefs’ new offensive coordinator, Charlie Weis, stated to the press that he “wanted to fix the quarterback”. Well, it’s been three years, and Weis is no longer with the team, but it looks like the position has finally been fixed.

Making the case for the trade:

Let’s not kid ourselves, the second round pick for the Chiefs this year is the 34th pick overall. That’s essentially a late first rounder. But Alex Smith is a bonafide starting quarterback. I would say he was the only good starting quarterback who was readily available. There must have been a behind-the-scenes bidding war for him.

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The Chiefs have the first overall pick in this year’s draft, which they could have used to draft a quarterback, but it would have been a waste. There aren’t any standouts at the position this year who are worthy of being drafted first overall, and the Chiefs desperately need a real starting quarterback to complement the rest of their offensive weapons (Dwayne Bowe, Jonathan Baldwin, Tony Moeaki, Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster).

What to expect next season:

With Alex Smith, I expect the playoffs.

The Chiefs were picked to win the division last year, but then went 2-14 and ended up last place in the league. It was embarrassing. And you know what killed their season? Turnovers in the red zone.

One of the big reasons, I contend, is because Matt Cassel is not a real starting quarterback. Last year, before Cassel was sidelined due to injury, he had a 66.7 passer rating. Brady Quinn, who took over for Cassel, ended the year with a 60.1 passer rating. That’s terrible.

Alex Smith’s passer rating before he was sidelined due to injury was 104.1. That’s good. That’s bonafide starting quarterback good.

Next year is full of hope and promise for the Chiefs. Dwayne Bowe will be back from injury, Jamaal Charles will continue his pro-bowl ways, Jonathan Baldwin will leap higher than any cornerback who tries to cover him and catch balls that are actually thrown on-target, and Tony Moeaki will continue to be one of the best tight ends in the AFC (yes, that’s what I said).

Chiefs fans should be very excited about this trade. Sure, there are people out there saying the 34th overall pick was too steep a price to pay, but not when you consider how good Alex Smith is, how good the rest of the Chiefs are, and how good the future looks with a real quarterback leading this team.

I can’t wait for kickoff.

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