Fan Fuel on NHL trade rumours: Leave Daniel Alfredsson alone!

Fan Fuel's Derek Carson is thrilled with the news that captain Daniel Alfredsson has decided to return to the Ottawa Senators for one more season.
March 1, 2013, 12:05 PM


You know what I’m sick of hearing? All of the “is Alfie going to be traded” talk. Yesterday in Boston, reporters swarmed my captain Daniekl Alfredsson, the man who leads the team I love, and berated him with questions about coming to the Boston Bruins to chase the Stanley Cup.

Well guess what Boston, Alfie isn’t going anywhere. So leave him alone.

Like we get it, media, you want Alfie on your team. Well that’s just too bad cause he’s our man, and we love him, and he loves us, so keep your hands off our captain. Got it?

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Look, I don’t mind shining the spotlight on Daniel Alfredsson. Lord knows he deserves some recognition by a media who couldn’t give two cents about him (is that a phrase?) just a few years ago. But seriously, it’s getting embarrassing.

If you want to talk about Alfie, pick the more compelling story: whether this is his last year of hockey.

It’s a foregone conclusion that Alfie will retire an Ottawa Senator. So try writing about how much of an impact he’s had on our city and on our team and on the fans. Write about what a great leader he has been and still is. Write about how he deferred his paycheques when the team declared bankruptcy so the Ottawa Senators could pay their bills and still exist.

Write about the man Sens fans (and Siri) call God (no blasphemy intended).

And honestly, he’s already stated that he would like to play in the Olympics next year, so maybe connect a few dots and realize that Alfie is probably coming back for at least one last time.

I know it’s your job, media, to ask questions, but your teacher was just being nice when she told you “there’s no such thing as a stupid question”.

Alfie ain’t going nowhere. So leave my captain alone and let him focus on his team, my team, and trying to get us to the playoffs.

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