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In this week's edition of UFC Ask the Insider, Showdown Joe weighs in on the Fallon Fox debate.
February 27, 2013, 3:55 PM


Another week has come and gone in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, since last week’s edition, and while there has been no shortage of headlines, the discussion on social media continues to run rampant, in so many different directions.

Here’s a few that top the list, and require more than 140 characters to address.

I don’t believe so Matt. I actually like knowing ahead of time who is potentially on the docket for the champs. And the fighters seem to appreciate it as well. If the UFC doesn’t announce who is potentially next, then speculation runs wild until they finally squash it. It all adds to the lure of promoting the next title fight. I’d much rather look forward to knowing a Jon Jones / Chael Sonnen is going to face a Machida or Gustaffson than being surprised with a “Demetrious Johnson vs John Moraga” type of announcement. Not many saw that one coming, and not many agreed or understood that matchup.

While it may appear confusing to some, there is some clarity and method to the UFC’s madness. Yes, Machida just defeated Hendo, and is the number one contender, but if Gustaffson defeats Mousasi, he stands next to “The Dragon” and awaits the winner between Jones and Sonnen. If believe if Jonny wins, Alexander gets the title shot. If Chael wins, then there will likely be a rematch against Jones, while “The Mauler” and Lyoto will likely tangle to see who “officially” gets the title shot. I just don’t believe Lyoto has it yet, unless an injury happens and he has enough time to prepare for the bout.

I’m not sure where any champion has stated this, but if two title holders compete against one another, truth be told, I’m in favour of calling it a “super fight”. You are getting the best of the best competing against one another. If that’s not a super fight, then I’m not sure what is.

While I firmly believe and have maintained that the province of Saskatchewan, specifically Regina or Saskatoon would be golden to host a UFC event, the organization cannot hold unsanctioned events. There is no athletic commission in Saskatchewan, which joins Newfoundland/Labrador as the only two provinces without some sort of regulating body in place to regulate Mixed Martial Arts.

Some provinces do it on a provincial level (e.g. Ontario, Quebec) while others do it on a municipal level (e.g. Calgary, Edmonton). There are others that are being developed, like the Province of British Columbia and others that appear to be quiet, with some work being done behind the scenes.

Saskatoon, with their rabid fan base, would likely be one of the hot beds for MMA in Canada, and one I’m sure the UFC already has circled as a potential destination, the moment an athletic commission is formed in Saskatchewan. And I personally, cannot wait to come out there to cover an event, which hopefully takes place during the CFL season, as I’ve never been to a Rough Riders home game, and would love to experience it at least once in this lifetime.


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