Fan Fuel: Andy Reid signals new era for the Chiefs

January 11, 2013, 10:40 AM


Like Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos, head coach Andy Reid’s hiring by the Kansas City Chiefs makes the team an instant threat.

The Kansas City Chiefs were terrible this year. They went 2-14 and have the first overall pick in the draft. They were the worst team in the league and an argument can be made that they were the worst Kansas City team in franchise history (they went 2-14 in 2008 as well).

They turned the ball over in the red zone so many times I lost count. They barely had a passing game when Dwayne Bowe (2010 Pro-Bowler) was in the line-up, and once he was sidelined due to injury the passing game was non-existent. Heck, they didn’t even get a lead in a game until Week 10 against the Pittsburgh Steelers (a game which the Chiefs eventually lost).

But there is renewed hope in Kansas City and for good reasons:

1. Andy Reid just got hired. He is a first-class coach who will bring a first-class attitude back to Kansas City.

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2. GM Scott Pioli was fired. Pioli had been the GM of the Chiefs for four dismal years. He was so hated by the fans that a group of them hired a plane to fly over Arrowhead Stadium on game day, carrying a banner that read “We deserve better! Fire Pioli – Bench Cassel.”

3. Five Pro-Bowlers. That’s right. This terrible team has five pro-bowlers on it: Eric Berry (safety); Tamba Hali (linebacker); Derrick Johnson (linebacker); Dustin Colquitt (punter); and Jamaal Charles (running back).

4. The defence. Three of the five pro-bowlers for the Chiefs are on defence. If you watched the games this year you could see that the defence was hung out to dry. Remember I mentioned how the Chiefs turned the ball over in the red zone so many times?

5. New quarterback. Ok, so it’s not official yet. But there’s no way Andy Reid is going to let Matt Cassel or Brady Quinn be his quarterback. The lack of passing game this year wasn’t necessarily due to a lack of quality wide receivers. They have Dwayne Bowe. They have Jonathan Baldwin. They have Dexter McCluster. And they have a quality tight end in Tony Moeaki.

Yes, the Chiefs were terrible this year. Yes, they’ve only hired a new head coach. But yes, you are allowed to be excited if you’re a Chiefs fan because the future finally looks bright.

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