Fan Fuel: Greg Jamison deal for Phoenix Coyotes falls apart

January 31, 2013, 2:52 PM


I was debating whether to start this blog with BREAKING NEWS concerning the reported non-sale (once again) of the Phoenix Coyotes. In all honesty, it’s not breaking news; it’s what everyone was expecting.

Greg Jamison has failed to secure the proper financing to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes. This knight in shining armor, Glendale’s hero, and Gary Bettman’s last resort, has unfortunately come up a little short in securing the proper financing.

Outside of a handful of Coyotes fans, do people really care? Are we as hockey fans tired of this ongoing saga known as the NHL owned and operated team?

Away from the big business of the NHL, fans just want to see this team in a climate that is hockey approved. Is Seattle that place? Some would say Quebec is that place or even another team in Ontario. Wherever this team ends up, Bettman has got to do his due diligence better than he did in the desert.

Last week I saw a Twitter pic of Coyotes players boarding a plane. This plane was the Phoenix Coyotes plane. I’m not sure about you, but when I can’t afford the simple things in life I don’t go out and spend money on luxuries. The Coyotes plane is nothing more than a luxury for a team without a proper owner and bleeding money.

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During the CBA negotiations why didn’t the players attempt to take control of the Phoenix situation? Are they not tired of their HRR going towards this bleeding money pit?
When Gary Bettman retires his legacy will be up for debate. If you listen to hockey people in the know, this Phoenix debacle will definitely tarnish a part of his legacy. However his legacy is written, the Coyotes off-ice failures and his attempts to salvage the Titanic will be a huge chapter.

Bettman stood tall during the entire lockout and stated time and time again that the league (NHL) needs to be financially responsible and both sides (NHL-NHLPA) need to find common ground and work together. How is it financially responsible to throw millions at a franchise that has proven year after year it doesn’t work?

It may sound harsh, but it’s time to shuffle the chairs on deck and relocate this team to a hockey climate.

Share your thoughts on the Coyotes saga in our comments section below and answer our poll on where you would like to see the team relocated.


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