Fuel: Soccer Central Insiders – Should team points be deducted for racist fans?

February 18, 2013, 9:27 AM


Soccer Central: Ask the Insiders is Fan Fuel’s new blog where fans get to pick the topics. This week, Karl47 asks the Insiders: What do you think of Thierry Henry’s suggestion that soccer officials deduct team points for racist fans?

GERRY DOBSON: I like the idea. Teams would rather lose money than points. I don’t think fines and playing matches behind closed doors are enough motivation for clubs to deal with the problem effectively. If they knew they were going to have points deducted they may take meaningful measures to eradicate this scourge.

CRAIG FORREST: I’m all for Thierry Henry’s idea. The authorities have to do something, but in reality I do not see them coming in line with it. Not globally anyway. The problem is there are so many different competitions, that you can’t have one simple rule. There is the World Cup, World Cup qualifying, leagues, European competitions, knock-out/two-legged ties. Each competition needs it’s own guidelines. It’s up to the governing bodies to do this and sadly they do not seem to be very motivated.


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