Fuel: Soccer Central Insiders – Will Toronto FC make the playoffs?

February 18, 2013, 9:11 AM


Soccer Central: Ask the Insiders is Fan Fuel’s new blog where fans get to pick the topics. This week, Bob asks the Insiders: Do you think Toronto FC will make the playoffs this year?

GERRY DOBSON: Too early to tell. I like what new president Kevin Payne is doing. But with a rookie coach and new players once again, it will take a while to determine if this team will have enough quality to make the playoffs. We should have a pretty good idea after the first 6-8 games.

CRAIG FORREST: Things are changing at TFC. They have structure and a plan now but I think the playoffs may be out of reach this year. Can’t right this ship overnight.

DANIEL FERNANDES: With the amount of player turnover in MLS it’s common for teams to tank one year and be contenders the next year. I think Ryan Nelsen is inheriting a bit of a mess with some big contracts and underperforming players. He has a lot of work to do to field a balanced and competitive side. If he is able to sort out the backline and the team stays healthy, they might just sneak in. Which would be great for the franchise and their fans who have waited so long for the playoffs.


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