Fan Fuel on Super Bowl XLVII Ravens vs. 49ers: Ultimate guaranteed predictions guide

February 1, 2013, 11:03 AM


Super Bowl XLVII is set to kickoff Sunday at 6:18pm EST in what should be a pretty great head-to-head battle between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. Who will win the game? How will they do it? Well, our bloggers sent in their predictions for the big game and who they LITERALLY GUARANTEE who will win the Super Bowl. Read on fans, and answer our poll on who will win at the bottom and give us your final score in our comments section.

Enjoy the game!

Josh Flek: I think this game won’t come down to the 49ers playing better, but rather the Falcons playing worse. I have zero faith in Joe Flacco. 49ers 17, Ravens 10

Robert Murray: I’ve got to go with the Ravens. They already shut down the past (Tom Brady and the Patriots), the present (Manning and the Broncos) and the future (Andrew Luck and the Colts). Also, the Ravens’ defence will want to give Ray Lewis a fitting send off. They will do whatever it takes to stifle Kapernick’s running game. Ravens 28, 49ers 17.

Peter Houston: Dean Pees is the name that’s not getting talked about nearly enough in this Super Bowl. All the Ravens defensive coordinator has done this postseason is hold Peyton Manning to his third lowest quarterback rating of the year and Tom Brady to his lowest of the year. He’s got a plan for Colin Kaepernick. Ravens 24, 49ers 21.

Kyle Myers: With both defences playing at a pretty high level, I expect this game to come down to the quarterbacks. Flacco has been basically perfect thus far in the playoffs, but Kaepernick is the wild card in this matchup. Regardless of Flacco’s success thus far, I don’t know that I can trust him in the big game. San Francisco will rely on the strength of Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis through the air and win a close one in New Orleans. 49ers 30, Ravens 24. Super Bowl MVP: Colin Kaepernick

Jeremy Blakely: Since Raven’s linebacker Ray Lewis announced his retirement plans, Baltimore has done the unthinkable. They have beaten rookie phenom Andrew Luck, future hall of famer Peyton Manning and went into Gillette Stadium and stopped Tom Brady. I for one will be cheering for the Baltimore Ravens. As much as it would be nice to see Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers win the Super Bowl, #52 of the Ravens deserves his second Super Bowl ring. But it won’t happen. 49ers 17, Ravens 14.

Israel Fehr: Here is my Super Bowl prediction: The Ravens offensive line continues dominant postseason play and gives Joe Flacco ample time in the pocket. Ravens defence stymies 49ers use of “read-option” offence and neutralizes Colin Kaepernick. Ray Lewis is not the story in-game but becomes the story post-game. Ravens 24, 49ers 17.

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Craig Morwood: This is Ray Lewis’s going-out party, and anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. Even though it wasn’t always pretty, and even though the Broncos should have beaten them when they had the chance, the Ravens perservered against two great teams in the Broncos and Patriots. And they will against the Niners. Ravens 23, 49ers 20.

Nicholas Carafa: The Ravens’ Cinderella season is finally going to come to an end. The 49ers have been dominant in every game they’ve played while the Ravens have gotten some lucky bounces along the way. It would be nice to see Ray Lewis win the Super Bowl in the final game of is career, but he won’t. 49ers 28, Ravens 14.

James Hunt: This one has all the makings of a classic. Stories galore with the Harbaugh brothers, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Colin Kaepernick. Aside
from the stories, these are two well balanced, well coached football teams and there’s really no clear cut favourite. Sunday can’t come soon enough. I’m going with the fairy tale ending for Ray-Ray. Ravens 27, 49ers 24.

Clayton Richer: The battle of the Harbaugh brothers will come to down to former Cubs draft pick and pitcher Colin Kaepernick slinging out a 49ers vicitory and thus ending the Ray Lewis Cinderella run. The 49ers and company will be sipping champagne Sunday night and Jim Harbaugh will have bragging rights at the next Harbaugh family get together. 49ers 28, Ravens 14.

Scott Deckers: I’d never pick against my 49ers. They’ve been my favourite team since I was four, and I’ve had some pretty lean years up to this point. This game is going to be an all-defensive war, and I suspect casual fans will hate it (take the under). Kaepernick adds an additional layer of complication for the Ravens aging defence to contain, and I think that’s the entire difference in the game. 49ers 20, Ravens 13.

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