Fan Fuel: Blue Jays splurge continues, sign Melky Cabrera

November 16, 2012, 8:01 PM


The Toronto Blue Jays have apparently made yet another big splash. Reports on Friday afternoon indicated that Alex Anthopoulos and the Jays had signed perennial all-star Melky Cabrera to a two-year $16 million deal. This adds to the blockbuster trade that is still under review by Commissioner Bud Selig in which the Jays acquired Jose Reyes, Mark Buerhle, Josh Johnson, Emilio Bonifacio, and John Buck from the Miami Marlins earlier in the week.

Cabrera was on the way to being an NL MVP candidate last season until he tested positive for testosterone. The positive test resulted in a 50 game suspension. Although eligible for the San Francisco Giants playoff run, the eventual World Series champions did not insert him into the lineup.

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Prior to the positive test, the 28-year-old left fielder was batting .346, had 11 homers and 60 RBIs. Despite being caught using performance enhancing drugs, Cabrera said at the time that he “accept[s] the suspension under the Joint Drug and try to move on with my life. I deeply regret my mistake.”

Should this be a truthful, and honest statement, a fresh start is just what Melky needs. A career .284 hitter, Cabrera brings yet another strong bat to the Jays lineup. He also brings with him an arsenal of extra base hits. Cabrera has the ability to hit doubles and triples to any part of the ball park.

Take a look at the Jays potential batting order:

1. SS Jose Reyes
2. LF Melky Cabrera
3. RF Jose Bautista
4. DH Edwin Encarnacion
5. 3B Brett Lawrie
6. 1B Adam Lind
7. C John Buck/ JP Arencibia
8. CF Colby Rasmus
9. 2B Emilio Bonifacio

A force to be reckoned with if Toronto has ever had one.

That is to say if the deal with the Marlins does eventually go through and all the players involved pass their physicals. On paper the Jays have become a big time postseason contender, and have regained the passion and trust of their fans. Alex Anthopoulos has become the wizard fans were told he would be when first becoming the general manager.

Toronto Blue Jays fans start counting down the days to spring training and opening day. The Jays will be making lots of dough opening weekend no doubt, as they have regained the spot as most exciting team in Toronto.

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