Fan Fuel: Should the Canadiens buy out Scott Gomez or Rene Bourque?

January 2, 2013, 6:28 PM


Interesting debate in the Sportsnet fan forums started by Pleks on Wednesday, whether if faced with a choice the Montreal Canadiens should buy out Scott Gomez or Rene Bourque instead? Below is some reaction from members of the Sportsnet community. Who do you think should be the one to receive the buyout?

Bong13: Gomez is not an NHL caliber player Bourque is a 25 goal score which we have very few of on the current roster. If a buy out happens Gomez is the only choice, anything else puts the team in a great position to draft top 3 again next year.

OldSchool: I just saw a chart on Sportsnet showing that the Habs are in the worst shape going into 2013-14 if the cap goes down to 60M. We are already committed to over 60M (the only team) with only 16 players and not including whatever it takes to sign Subban. Therefore we need that 7.3M off the books next year. No other choice in my mind.

Rada1: I agree that Gomez would have to be the man….7.3 gives you more “other” contracts to get to the 23 man roster needed….

habaholic2: If you need cap space, you look for the most highest cap guy who is not living up to his salary. No doubt it’s Gomez. Unfortunately for us, he hasn’t been a $4M bust but a $7.1M bust!! Bourque is fine at 3.3M cap space. He is fine for 2-3 line duty. He had a hard transition to our team after the trade, but no way he is anywhere as close as useless as Gomez has been for our team. Right now Gomez is our 4th line center. Can you imagine how embarrassing that is for the habs to have a $7.1M – 4th line centre. A a 4th line centre who isn’t even an ideal 4th line centre!!!!!!!!!!!

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In my opinion Gomez and Kabby are the 2 salaries that are top of list to go. Now please note, I am not a Kabby hater. I actually feel he did well when he came over. He got his assists, he got us points. He is kabby, a one way sometimes offense Dman. I want him off our books more so cause we signed Bouillion, and the Swizz duo. We dont’ really need him on this team this season. We have some AHL depth if injuries happen. It’s not the end of the world to have him play out his final year with us. But if there was 2 salary dumps and I was GM it would be Gomez and Kabby. that’s over $10M in salaries! worst case, both are gone by start of next season so if we have to we’ll just suck it up with them on the payroll this year. Anyways, it’s not my money!


Which player should the Montreal Canadiens give a buyout to before the season starts?

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