Fan Fuel: Should Paul Henderson be in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

January 2, 2013, 3:13 PM


Sportsnet’s Luke Fox wrote this week on whether the case should be made for Paul Henderson to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2013. The famous scorer of the 1972 Summit Series winning goal was recently named to the Order of Canada. Fans have weighed in on the topic in our forums, and here is what some of them had to say. Add your voice to the debate!

okhockeynut: What is overlooked is that Paul Henderson scored the WINNING goal in each of the last three games of the Summit Series in 1972 and those games were played in Russia. Definitely should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

bcbluenoser: HHOF is based on careers, not 3 games. The 72 team is already there. Aside from that series Hendersons carrer was not HHOF worthy. Simply my opinion.

topgun: I couldn’t agree more. It’s The HOCKEY Hall of Fame and not the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame. Henderson has had many other accolades given to him for his performance in the 1972 series which he has rightfully earned but he doesn’t belong in the HHoF.

BillyBiff: When the Best Player to ever Lace them up, “Bobby Orr” says put Paul Henderson in the HHOF, Then do it, Orr is not in the Politics of Hockey like most of the Current HHOF Panel who decides who gets in are & alot of TV Anylists along with some Sports Writers, Well thats my opinion and I’m entitled to that. If the Current HHOF Committee wont Vote Paul Henderson in to the Hall then Lets Build a Hall of Fame Just for Paul Henderson, Come on Lets Get the Donations Rolling, The Clock is Ticking and that in itself is a Tragedy. Just Imagine “The Paul Henderson Hockey Hall Of Fame” Nice ring to it, Don’t you agree.

Old_Soldier: The HHOF should be the hardest award to achieve and a .5 ppg player who didnt even play a 1000 games but happened to score a historic goal does not a HHOF make. The goal and the player who scored it was honored in the HHOF in a seperate ceremony, but there is no way Henderson deserves to be in the HHOF based on his career.

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Whatsoul: Besides one goal, I’m not sure you can make a valid argument for induction. There are other deserving players ahead of Henderson. This isn’t the Hockey Hall of Above Average Players. The 72 team is already recognized (as previously mentioned)…and that’s where Henderson’s achievement should remain as a team achievement.

rilley: It’s one of the few times I agree with “Old_Soldier” but 1 Historic goal does not make Henderson a HHOF member. Yes it may have restored our pride but his numbers don’t add up to being a hall member. I know that points should not be an only factor to get in but 1 goal that we remember should not put him there either. Lots others better players are not there yet and lots said others didn’t have 1000 game shouldn’t be there even if the talent was there. Seems that this one goal is to carry him in is out of hand. Did he win a major award, not that I can remember– he was a”Maple Leaf” tho. My opinion others deserve it more.

spec3: There is not even a question of whether or not Paul should be in the Hall. NONE! “The goal” is all you need to say and everyone knows what you are referring to. Some of you naysayers should take a good hard look at who (outside of the NHL) is in the Hall. Herb Brooks? Tretiak? Last I looked, Henderson scored three game winning goals against this Hall of Famer in 1972. Case closed!!!

What’s your view? Should Paul Henderson be in the Hockey Hall of Fame? Let us know below.


Given the strength of 2013′s Hockey Hall of Fame candidates, should Paul “Order of Canada” Henderson be inducted in 2013?

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