Nichols on Fantasy NHL: Hockey Hearsay

November 14, 2011, 4:46 PM

Andrew: “Hey Chris, need some of your highly valued trade advice. Here are my league and team’s details:

12 Team, One-Year, Rotisserie League
(3C, 6W, 3D, 1UTIL, 3 Bench, 1IR)

C – Roy, Lecavalier, Adam
W – Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Parise, Neal, Clowe, Fleischmann, Ladd, Ruutu, Dubinsk(C), R. Whitney
D – Edler, Giordano, Potter
IR – Enstrom

A guy in my league really wants OV so he can have the OV/cosby combo on his team. He offered to trade me Giroux, who I am really high on and Phaneuf. I was looking for a better 2nd player in the deal. Some candidates on his team would be Kreijci, Heatley, Hall, Byfuglien, Green, Hemsky. What do you think, can I trade away OV?”

Chris: I like Giroux a lot, but is he also eligible on the wing in your league? If he’s just classified as a centre, where he’s actually playing this season, then I’d say the deal is a definite no. It’s just too easy to get a decent centre and while Giroux is certainly one of the better players in the league this year, I wouldn’t sacrifice Ovechkin for a centre. Points-only makes it closer between Giroux and Ovechkin than were you to also be able to count Ovechkin’s peripherals.

I don’t necessarily see any of those others as an upgrade on Phaneuf either, the way he’s playing this season. You don’t get to count his peripheral stats, but he’s still producing points and has a prime role on the Leafs.

I’ll say again… I like Giroux a lot. I just think Ovechkin has more to give than we’ve seen results-wise and I don’t see a big upgrade past your top six wingers. Phaneuf is much safer than Potter, so that’s the only part that really tempts me. But with Enstrom already on your team and back in two or three weeks (hopefully), I just don’t think I’d make the trade.

If Giroux is also eligible on the wing for you and if you could get a winger who could legitimately make your top six without question… then I’d consider it. I’m assuming you’ll put Dubinsky at C if Adam goes cold.


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