Super Bowl XLVI: Top 5 commercials

February 6, 2012, 4:06 PM

Along with the tradition of greasy foods, cold beverages and underwhelming halftime performances, Super Bowl commercials have become a staple of the NFL’s championship game experience. And this year’s crop certainly didn’t disappoint.

Here’s a rundown of five of the best advertisements from Super Bowl Sunday:

5. Kia Optima: Dream Car

This ad for the Kia Optima is what dreams are made of, literally. Adriana Lima, Motley Crue, a giant hoagie and rhinoceros riding — all the essential elements of a man’s dream dream. All that’s missing is a nice car.

4. Chevy: Happy Grad

Super Bowl commercials are usually the brainchild of big-budget Madison Avenue advertising companies. This ad for Chevy, however, was the creation of a 26-year-old filmmaker who entered the idea into a contest. Sometimes simplicity is the key to brilliance.

3. Chrysler: Halftime

America’s fervent, rally-’round-the-flag nationalism can be a bit much at times. And what better platform to roll out a two-minute car spot about the U.S.’s impending economic rally narrated by one of the country’s true patriots, Clint Eastwood, than the Super Bowl. Regardless, it’s a well-produced, good-looking commercial that will certainly boost Chrysler’s brand.

2. Honda CR-V: Matthew’s Day Off

Honda’s play on the iconic 1980s film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off certainly struck a chord with a good chunk of the NFL’s key demographic. It’s also fitting Matthew Broderick went from a popular, charming, rule-breaking teen living it up with his best friends to a lonely, SUV-driving adult with too much time on his hands. Chalk it up to the perils of growing up.

1. Acura NSX: Transactions

Much like Honda’s trip down memory lane, Acura also went heavy on nostalgia with its Seinfeld-centric ad. It was a witty homage to one of network TV’s finest shows and also a reminder of what makes Jay Leno so unlikable. That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!


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