Balsillie denies Predators sale report


A lawyer representing RIM co-founder Jim Balsillie has told Hockeycentral there is no truth to a Toronto radio report suggesting Balsillie is close to purchasing a stake in the NHL’s Nashville Predators.

The report, which aired Monday, cited an unnamed source suggesting Balsillie was "close" to purchasing the team.

However, Balsiliie’s lawyer, Richard Rodier, flatly denied the report to Hockeycentral.

“There is not a scintilla of truth in this report,” Rodier told Hockeycentral Monday night. “This fell out of the sky”.

Another source close to the situation told Hockeycentral “not even an e-mail has been exchanged between Balsillie and the (Predators) present ownership group lead by David Freeman for quite sometime.”

Balsillie tried earlier this year to purchase the Predators from then-owner Craig Leipold, but Leipold backed out of the deal once Balsillie made it clear that his objective was to move the team to Southern Ontario.

Balsillie has made no secret of his desire to own an NHL team and he is believed to be interested in the 20 per cent stake in the Predators put up for sale by Boots Del Biaggio.