Gotta See It: Orr’s flying Cup goal Legoized

Check this out, as Bobby Orr's famous Stanley Cup winning goal vs. the Blues in 1970 is re-created using LEGO... Amazing.

Bat-Man, Spider-Man, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… all of our superheros have been getting Legoized lately.

So why not Bobby Orr?

Forty-four Mays after hockey’s greatest defenceman scored arguably the Stanley Cup’s most famous goal, Orr’s heroics have been recreated by plastic playthings and uploaded to the Internet by OYO Sportstoys.

What better way for a grandfather to teach his grandchildren about the Boston Bruins-St. Louis Blues 1970 Stanley Cup Final than to gather the family around the YouTube machine and show them this animated reenactment.

Fun stuff:

And for comparison’s sake…