Brian Burke and the over-40 NHL tweeters

Brian Burke and 9 other NHL tweeters over the age of 40 to follow

Less than an hour into the much-delayed and much-celebrated Twitter life of Brian Burke, when began Saturday afternoon, the president and general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs had an impressive tweets-to-followers ratio.

@LeafsBB20′s two introductory tweets had already yielded a following of 7,169.

At the time, Burke was following no one.

"I plan to use my Twitter account to inform fans, hopefully entertain you and to provide clarity about the #Leafs, when needed," the 56-year-old offered by way of introduction.

Known for strong opinions and point-blank messaging, the Burke and that happy-go-lucky little blue birdie might just get along famously. Look at @coachrw63 (Ron Wilson), a recent joiner who already has 22,300-plus followers.

Here now are nine other NHL Twitter accounts by guys over age 40 worth following. This is by no means a comprehensive list. Feel free to add on in the comments section.

@GMMikeGillis: Vancouver Canucks GM
Best recent tweet: "Sitting on the bus in Long Island beside a 2011 All-Star Coach. Looks like he’s humming the song Carolina In My Mind by James Taylor"

@Jeremy_roenick: Former player
Best recent tweet: "Finally got all that evil makeup off!! As well as my first layer of skin!! Ouch. Took 2 loofas. Hahaha"

@TrevorLinden: Former player
Best recent tweet: "Spent a couple hrs with Gordie Howe this wkd. loved hearing his stories of life in the NHL 40′s,50′s,60,’s,70′s,80′s, grt story teller."

@TheoFleury: Former player, current motivational speaker
Best recent tweet: "Hey survivors of sexual abuse you are not alone. The world is finally standing up and taking notice. May you all be empowered. God speed."

@GMScottHowson: Columbus Blue Jackets GM
Best recent tweet: "Team plane couldn’t land in Columbus after Minn game due to fog. Landed in Dayton. Getting cabs to take us to Columbus. Long night."

@Bernieparent: Hall of Fame goalie
Best recent tweet: "If you change the way you look at things, the things you are looking at will change."

@9modano: Former player
Best recent tweet: "What a tool running up to the cheerleader/girlfriend..! There is a time and place to show her the footlong, oh I mean football..!"

@Bossy5050: Hall of Fame winger
Best recent tweet: "make sure everyone drinks all the water you bought in the last week #goodforyou"

@NHLShanahan: NHL senior VP of player safety
Best recent tweet: "Some good decisions along the boards and big legal hits this preseason."