Canadiens’ Paul Byron goes skateboarding with Tony Hawk

Montreal Canadiens forward Paul Byron. (Matt Slocum/AP)

Montreal Canadiens forward Paul Byron is one of the faster skaters in the NHL but on Saturday he got a chance to do skate off the ice.

And he did it with the one and only Tony Hawk.

Byron and his family joined Hawk for some fun on a board at the Jackalope festival in Montreal. To his credit, Byron received top marks from the pro skateboarder.

“Paul can hold his own. I bet he’d do better on my board,” Hawk said according to “It wouldn’t be so wobbly.”

Hawk also gave Byron’s young kids a chance to go for a ride with him, which naturally led to a very cute video.

“It was incredible to watch a living legend in person. He just makes it look so easy,” Byron said. “It’s the simplest thing — as a kid, everyone had a skateboard, but to do what he does is incredible. Meeting a living legend in person was a really cool experience.”