Check out James Reimer’s new ‘Shark Shock’ mask

James Reimer sits down with Dan Murphy to talk about everything from his new team in San Jose to the effects of Twitter and how his wife April deals with criticism against her husband.

James Reimer‘s transition to the San Jose Sharks is finally complete.

The 27-year-old goaltender has received his new mask, designed by David Gunnarsson.

According to Gunnarsson, the mask’s motif has seen Reimer’s traditional Optimus Prime look “transform” into what’s being called The Shark Shock.

The three-dimensional paint job is loaded with metallic and shiny effects, and includes a “Reims” nameplate on the chin area. Here’s what it looks like from further out.

San Jose Sharks on Twitter

Reimer came over to the Sharks in a pre-deadline deal on Feb. 27.

In order to fit in with his new club, he used a plain white mask, and had the blue piping on his old pads replaced with teal.

Now, with 15 games left in the regular season, the Arborg, Man. native has a full set of gear that meshes with San Jose, though he might have to do this all again for next season.