Coach’s Corner: Tyler Seguin’s Achilles injury was avoidable

Ron & Don talk about the OHL Cup, Tyler Seguin out 3-4 weeks with cut Achilles and Brenden Morrow retiring from the NHL.

Dallas Stars star forward Tyler Seguin is expected to miss the remainder of the regular season and potentially the start of the playoffs after suffering a laceration of his left Achilles tendon earlier this week.

Don Cherry believes Seguin’s injury and others like it are avoidable and come with a simple solution.

Cherry said he found out about Seguin’s injury after watching a minor hockey game with Canadian Hockey League president David Branch.

“I expressed dismay [to Branch] that the kids don’t cover up their tendon at the back,” Cherry explained on Hockey Night in Canada Saturday. “All they need to do is put some tape around it.”

Cherry argued that hockey players at all levels should do more to protect their Achilles tendons.

He pointed out that the NHL’s leading scorer, Patrick Kane, and some of the greats from decades past protected their Achilles more effectively than Seguin and many other players do.

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