Wings’ Bertuzzi: ‘I see us losing a year’

Add Detroit Red Wings forward Todd Bertuzzi to the growing number of those following the lockout who are losing hope that the NHL will play a 2012-13 season.

“I see us losing a year,” the veteran told the Detroit Free Press after a sparsely attended NHLer practice Monday at Troy Sports Center.

Bertuzzi began his NHL career with the New York Islanders in 1995-96, on the heels of the lockout-shortned 1994-95 season. He did not play overseas during the lost season of 2004-05 (at that time, he was serving an indefinite suspension from the NHL for hitting Colorado Avalanche forward Steve Moore from behind) and has not been playing games during the current lockout either.

“Just move on to different things. I’m coaching now. I was just in Toronto coaching my son’s team. You move on, try to make the most of your time,” he told

With speculation growing that the players have considered decertifying the union as a possible next step and no formal NHL-NHLPA meetings scheduled as of Monday afternoon, Bertuzzi’s optimism for a salvaged season is low.

“So players go after owners, we sue them — how long is that going to take?” Bertuzzi told the Free Press. “Four to five to six, seven months. So that means the season is gone. So if anything, it hurries up the process of ending this thing, so guys aren’t sitting around waiting to see what’s going to be next.”