Which NHLer should star in ‘Entourage’?

Hockey stars and movie stars have more in common than passing through Staples Center on occasion.

Both can gain entry to better parties and will spend more money on dental work than you or me. They also love travelling in small clusters with people who share their profession and depend heavily on their agents.

So it should come as no great surprise that Entourage The Movie — the forthcoming feature film that picks up where the HBO television series left off and is tentatively set to start filming this spring – is looking for a few NHLers to cameo alongside Vinny, Eric, Johnny, Turtle, Ari and Lloyd. During its eight seasons, the half-hour comedy has featured drop-ins from Tom Brady, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, A-Rod, Michael Phelps and other athletes.

“Looking for a few NHL players to do some guest spots in the upcoming Entourage movie,” the social-media rep for the film tweeted out Wednesday, “Any suggestions?”

And NHL/HBO fans began casting their votes for the casting call:

Based on the people’s picks, we size up the actors…

Paul Bissonnette

The Phoenix Coyotes, uh, depth player has a wicked and appropriately raunchy sense of humour. The opposite of camera shy, BizNasty would require little direction, but he may insist on having a sex scene written into the script for him.

Ideal character: Friend of Turtle. Or, if Jerry Ferrara gets injured, Turtle himself. Bissonnette is the NHL’s Turtle: he’s always got a side hustle, he loves Vegas, and he can be seen hanging around people more famous than him. And everyone makes a big deal when he scores because it happens so rarely.

Potential plotline: Tries to convince Turtle to use Vinny’s money to invest in his Puck Bunnies line of lingerie

Fitting Entourage quote: “I got into this business so I wouldn’t have to work” – Vincent Chase, on fourth-line problems

Screen test: Storyteller extraordinaire

Claude Giroux

The fun-loving, redheaded NHL 13 coverboy is accustomed to seeing his face on posters. He’d prefer if his scenes were shot on location in Germany, so he wouldn’t have to miss any hockey games.

Ideal character: Hollywood’s hot new leading man

Potential plotline: After putting up big box-office numbers, Giroux provides a serious threat to Vinny as the studios’ most in-demand actor. Running into the Chase boys at a Playboy Mansion party, Giroux punches Vinny out and scores with his girl.

Fitting Entourage quote: “Call me Helen Keller because I’m a (bleeping) miracle worker!” – Ari Gold, on the playoff defeat of the Penguins

Screen test: Giroux pretends there’s a horse, runs fast

Joffrey Lupul

Picking up Dancing with the Stars’ Cheryl Burke, writing guest columns for magazines and spending his summers in California, the Toronto Maple Leafs all-star is no stranger to sunglass set. He understands what it’s like to be a film fan and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the movie in theatres – except comprise his beliefs.

Ideal character: Credible supporting actor with leading-man potential

Potential plotline: After engaging in a saucy Twitter exchange with a powerful producer he didn’t know was married, Lupul turns to Ari for advice. Ari ignores him, and Lloyd comes to the rescue

Fitting Entourage quote: “Nobody’s happy in this town except for the losers. Look at me. I’m miserable. That’s why I’m rich” – Johnny Drama, on Toronto sports

Screen test: Guitarist, singer, winger – triple threat

Scott Hartnell

The Philadelphia Flyers grinder is willing to do the dirty work – duct-taping down camera wires, holding boom mics, fetching coffee – if it means getting a couple killer lines in a pivotal scene. Warning: He might upstage the stars.

Ideal character: Stuntman

Potential plotline: After his shtick as a prat-falling, Krameresque comedy actor wears thin, “Hartnell Down” becomes the wealthiest stuntman in Hollywood, dying his crimson curls black and succeeding as Vinny’s go-to stunt double

Fitting Entourage quote: “Let’s hug it out, b—” – Ari Gold, to everyone he’s stood in front of a crease with

Screen test: Hulk Hogan imitation (improvised)

Tyler Seguin

A speed-dating superstar, the Boston Bruins centre is a diehard Entourage fiend who, when he’s not scoring goals, is curling up in Switzerland with his HBO box set watching reruns of Mark Wahlberg’s fictionalized life

Ideal character: Budding young talent in search of that standout roles

Potential plotline: Forever confused with another equally talented actor who “arrived” at the same time (think: Nick Nolte/Gary Busey, Bill Paxton/Bill Pullman), Seguin carves his own identity after the other guy is accidentally cut and has a face scar. Eric seizes the opportunity to represent Seguin, who has two “good sides.”

Fitting Entourage quote: “Victory!” – Johnny Drama, on the 2011 Bruins

Screen test: Under Armour commercial

BONUS DVD OUTTAKE: “Huge fan of the show” and Columbus Blue Jackets defenceman James Wisniewski threw his hat in the ring as well, tweeting this acting reel at the casting agents:

Of the top five candidates, which NHL player would you most like to see in the Entourage movie?

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