Fleury’s Stanley Cup ring lost, found on Craigslist

You know how it sucks when you can’t find your car keys, or you misplace your relatively new sunglasses, or you play in an outdoor NHL legends game prior to February’s Heritage Classic and you lose your one and only Stanley Cup ring?

Well, that’s precisely what happened to Ca(l)gary Flames hero Theo Fleury. The Stanley Cup ring thing, not the car keys. Luckily for Fleury, the person who stumbled upon his prized bling has done the equivalent of dropping a found wallet stuffed with $100 bills into a mailbox: posting the ring on the lost-and-found section of Craigslist, not, as one might be tempted, in the for-sale area.

"This item will only be released to a Calgary Flames Stanley Cup winner of 1989 … you know who you are!!” reads the anonymous Calgary (Queensland) posting.

According to the Calgary Sun, "the poster of the message had a Craigslist email address for the site’s users to respond to — something Fleury suggested in a brief text exchange he was very likely intending to do."

“We’re on it,” Fleury, 43, wrote to the Sun. “I lost it at the Heritage Classic. It fell out of my pocket.”