Gotta See It: MLB’s Granderson shoots, scores

MLB free agent Curtis Granderson scores from centre ice during an intermission contest at the Blackhawks game.

Major League Baseball free agent and Illinois native Curtis Granderson made a special appearance during the second intermission of Sunday’s night’s Chicago Blackhawks game, a 3-2 overtime loss to the Calgary Flames.

Hyping up the Madhouse crowd with a chance to win some round-trip airfare, the centre fielder takes to centre ice and tries to score on a boarded-up goal in a game called Shoot the Puck. (The homer commentators seem to enjoy speculating that Granderson’s appearance could lead to his signing with the White Sox or Cubs.)

After his first shot goes juuuust a little bit inside, Granderson settles down and scores on his second attempt, celebrating with fist pumps, thumbs up, a jaunty little dance.

Although Granderson would whiff on his next three attempts, going one-for-five is a very respectable thing for a baseball player to do, apparently.

Not bad. But he's no Mr. T. (Fun fact: Mr. T's Shoot the Puck heroics also took place against the Flames.)