Tests reveal Howe did not suffer another stroke

According to the Howe family, hospital tests have revealed that NHL legend Gordie Howe did not suffer another stroke Monday night.

Dan Robson on Twitter

Dan Robson on Twitter

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Howe had been staying with his daughter, Cathy Purnell, in Lubbock Texas. He was hospitalized on Monday amid fears that he may have suffered a second major stroke in the past five weeks, according to M-Live.

Gordie’s son, Murray Howe, spoke to M-Live earlier Tuesday.

“We are awaiting test results at this time to determine whether he has had a new stroke,” Howe’s son Murray told M-Live. “He is responding and resting comfortably with family while in hospital currently. He is not in an ICU.”

Howe suffered a stroke on October 26, but had taken some steps forward in his recovery in the weeks that followed.