Gotta See It: Cute Predators fan doesn’t want her team to be sad

Hey, Nashville Predators. Don’t be sad. Wrigley’s here to cheer you up.

The pint-sized hockey fan and her mother, Reagan, set out to boost Smashville’s spirits with a pretty adorable video packed with positivity.

Take a look:

The video, which was posted on Monday evening, has gotten plenty of views and a few thousand likes and retweets.

A quick scroll through @reaganmandile’s Twitter account will reveal plenty more charming videos and photos of Wrigley’s superfandom.

She even wakes up in the Smashville spirit:

Like the rest of Nashville, Wrigley and her family were pretty sad when the Predators lost at home in Game 6 and saw the Penguins hoist the Cup.

But as she says, you shouldn’t be sad — because next year is going to be so much fun.