Gotta See It: Miller’s throwback Canucks goalie mask

With the game on the line in overtime and battling a Dallas powerplay, Ryan Miller managed to get his toe out and stopped Jamie Benn on the doorstep.

The Vancouver Canucks will turn back the clock for a February 13 meeting with the Toronto Maple Leafs by sporting early-90s throwback sweaters.

The Canucks will rock their old black sweaters complete with the black, gold, and red skate logo. Never one to shortchange himself in the style department, goaltender Ryan Miller had a custom mask designed for the game.

Goalie mask designer Ray Bishop painted Miller’s throwback mask. He posted an image to his Instagram and Facebook page.

The Canucks wore some variation of the skate logo uniforms from 1985 to 1997 when they ditched the black, gold, and red in favour of a navy-based design with the orca logo.

The throwback sweater night is part of the Canucks’ celebration of 20 years in Rogers Arena.