Gotta See It: P.K. Subban kisses Pierre McGuire

P.K. Subban could become the new kissing bandit, after laying one on NBC reporter Pierre McGuire.

So much ink has been spilled over the hate exhibited in the Montreal Canadiens’ insta-classic seven-game series victory over the Boston Bruins. But what about the love?

Over the last 12 days, P.K. Subban was sprayed with water from Shawn Thornton and garbage from idiots on Twitter. Yet when all was said and done, and the Habs’ star defenceman stepped off the TD Garden ice after Wednesday’s emotional 3-1 Game 7 win, he put out nothing but love into the world.

Toward the conclusion of a brief post-game interview with Pierre McGuire, Subban planted a big kiss on the NBC reporter. Pierre was, in a word, delighted.

Anyone else smell a Subban-McGuire, Cherry-Kadri double date?