Gotta See It: Hartnell hammers Kulemin

Gotta See It: Few expected Philadelphia Flyers tough nut Scott Hartnell to return from his left-foot injury as early as he did. Originally projected to miss as many as eight weeks, Hartnell was back in the lineup just a month after going down with a broken foot — perhaps a measured risk as the banged-up Flyers are in danger of slipping out of the playoff picture.

And judging by his performance in a narrow 4-2 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs Monday, the veteran winger, who led his team in goals last year, is wasting no time getting back into form.

Watch as Hartnell, playing in just his sixth game of the season, absolutely hammers Leafs forward Nikolai Kulemin as he tries to play the puck along the boards. Kulemin goes flying face-down, but the second-period check seemed to wake both Hartnell and the underachieving Kulemin up.

Both players scored goals later in the frame for their respective clubs.

The best part about Hartsy’s body check? It takes place right next to a Nova Care boards advertisement that extols “The Power of Physical Therapy.”