Gotta See It: Leafs’ Fraser rams Skinner

Gotta See It: It was a rare jolt of hard-hitting action in a game that lacked pace and precision. But it was also a heart-in-throat moment for Carolina Hurricanes fans.

In the second period, Toronto Maple Leafs 6’4”, 220-pound defenceman Mark Fraser comes backchecking with a head of steam and absolutely railroads Carolina Hurricanes talent Jeff Skinner, who stands 5’11 and weighs 200 pounds.

Skinner overskates the puck on a three-on-one rush toward the net and stops to re-gather the puck, when Fraser cleanly dumps him right on his rear end. The forward slides and crashes head-first into the boards.

For a guy who missed weeks last season due to a concussion suffered in December 2011, the hit was a frightening one. But Skinner remained in the game and grabbed a pair of assists en route to the Canes’ 3-1 victory.

Fraser, an Ottawa native, has an impressive 34 hits in 11 games this season.