The Interview: Alex Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin/Julio Cortez/AP

This interview originally appeared in Sportsnet Magazine.

Sportsnet: Any new moves up your sleeve for this season?
Ovechkin: I hope.

SN: Like what?
Ovechkin: I’m a righty, but I’m gonna use left stick.

SN: That’s genius. World Championships went well.
Ovechkin: Yep, we won. Feel good. Have memories, but time to move forward.

SN: I hear you filmed another music video recently.
Ovechkin: Was easy, yeah. I don’t have much speaking to do. I just have to stand and look at the camera. One line.

SN: What’s the line?
Ovechkin: You gonna see the video. It’s a secret.

SN: The video was described as provocative.
Ovechkin: What is provocative?

SN: Ummm . . . that’s a tough one. Racy? [Ed. note: Translator clears this up.]
Ovechkin: Oh no, no, no. Not at all.

SN: Has your acting improved? You’ve done a lot of commercials and now two music videos.
Ovechkin: Yeah, yeah. Not far but I’m getting closer. We’re gonna win trophy. Grammy. Why not?

SN: Of all the goal celebrations you’ve done, what’s your favourite?
Ovechkin: Tough question. Probably the first one. Go down to my knee and celebrate.

SN: What about the time you pretended your stick was on fire, and you warmed your hands over it?
Ovechkin: Yeah, this was one of the greatest.

SN: Agreed. This is your 10th NHL season. Do you believe that?
Ovechkin: Getting old. Twenty-nine. Old.

SN: What do you remember about your first NHL goal?
Ovechkin: First NHL game, second period. Slapshot.

SN: Where did it go?
Ovechkin: In the net.

SN: Thanks. Top shelf?
Ovechkin: Thanks. Top shelf?

SN: Do you remember who was in net?
Ovechkin: We play against Columbus. I can’t remember who was in net.

SN: Do you know anything about Corsi and other fancy stats?
Ovechkin: No.

SN: You do know about plus-minus.
Ovechkin: It’s great.

SN: You get a little bit ripped for your plus-minus, and you’ve said it doesn’t matter. So now you’re saying it matters?
Ovechkin: I’m confused right now.

SN: Does plus-minus matter?
Ovechkin: Yeah, of course it matters. I get minus-35, so it matters. My goal is to be plus-one. Not minus.

SN: How would you describe yourself?
Ovechkin: Powerful forward.

SN: How about off the ice?
Ovechkin: Off the ice? Easy forward. Don’t go hard off the ice.

SN: What’s your house like in Washington?
Ovechkin: Small house. One bed, one bathroom. Good for me. [Ed. note: In 2012, Ovechkin bought a five-bedroom home with 7.5 bathrooms in McLean, Va.]

SN: I think you overpaid.
Ovechkin: No. How much I pay?

SN: I read you paid more than $4 million.
Ovechkin: I don’t have that kind of money.

SN: Good point. Where do you keep all your awards?
Ovechkin: I have only one room. So everything there.

SN: Are your trophies under your bed?
Ovechkin: No, trophies in Moscow. All in my old place in Moscow. Cups, medals, photos. All kinds of stuff.

SN: Do you Google yourself?
Ovechkin: Always.

SN: What do you find?
Ovechkin: Some funny stuff. Like how I spent $4 million on my house. [Laughs.]