Murphy on Canucks: Canada’s team?

May 31, 2011, 5:45 AM

Whenever a Canadian-based team reaches the Stanley Cup Final there is always the question about whether or not it is "Canada’s team."

So, are the Canucks Canada’s team?

Well, it’s not really a simple answer.

I believe that the casual fan across the country will back the Canucks because they’d like to see the Cup come back to Canada for the first time since 1993.

However the die-hard fans of the other Canadian-based teams would likely love to see the Canucks fall flat on their faces.

And that is the way it should be.

No true Oilers or Flames fan worth his or her salt would or should cheer for the Canucks. The divisional hatred has built up so much over the years that it should be impossible to even feel good for a Canuck hoisting the Cup.

I mean, Flames fans probably don’t even want to see Manny Malhotra lift the Cup at this point. Again, I don’t have a problem with that. That’s what rival fan bases do. Cheer for the team playing their heated and hated rival.

What’s that old saying?

My two favorite teams are the Vancouver Canucks and whoever is playing the (insert most hated team here).

On the flip side, Canucks fans shouldn’t want other fans all of a sudden cheering for their team. It’s THEIR team after all and the club they’ve lived and died for and with for up to 40 years.

Why would they want someone climbing on the bandwagon with just four wins to go until attaining the ultimate prize? I mean, seriously.

Fans of the Oilers and Flames and Leafs should be lamenting the fact that their teams didn’t even make the postseason. It should hurt that they are forced to watch the Canucks at this time of the year. If they don’t want to watch the Canucks, then they don’t get to watch the Stanley Cup Final. That should be a point of pride for Canucks fan.

Finally, some rivalries trump others, so the lesser of two evils has to be picked.

For Instance, I’m sure many Montreal Canadiens fans dislike the Bruins so much that they are forced to cheer for Vancouver by default. That’s OK, as long as the decision is fueled by hate.

Now, how is that for a feel good blog.


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