Trending: Fans trash NHL on Facebook

It’s no surprise that the National Hockey League has been more naughty than nice according to fans.

On Monday, the NHL posted a photo to their Facebook page wishing everyone Happy Holidays and immediately were attacked by outraged fans.

At the time we looked, 4,797 commented on the photo and not one nice comment was to be seen.

“In the season of giving you should be giving our season back not posting greeting cards of the mascots. They don’t play the game the players do. Get bent NHL,” one comment said.

“The NHL thinks all of its fans are just going to come crawling right back. They are wrong. Bettman/Fehr are going to kill the league,” another fan cried.

The league isn’t the only one getting thrown to the wolves this holiday season; the NHLPA posted a video with several players wishing fans Happy Holidays and the reception wasn’t warm.

The NHL and NHLPA made direct contact with each other Saturday for the first time since talks broke off several days ago.

The NHL’s deputy commissioner Bill Daly, who made some waves this week when he publically stated that there will be an NHL season this year, and NHLPA’s special counsel Steve Fehr were the two to have reportedly reached out to each other via telephone.

On Thursday, the NHL axed two more weeks’ worth of games through Jan. 14.

It is largely expected that this will be the last round of cancellations before the league is forced to cancel the entire season for the second time in seven years if an agreement isn’t reached before then.