Trending: NHLers wearing ‘Puck Gary’ hats

There’s something about Montreal Canadiens using blunt, vulgar messages on their heads to voice their opinions on NHL commissioner Gary Bettman during a lockout.

Like winning Stanley Cups and hiring bilingual head coaches, it’s becoming a bit of a Habs tradition.

While skating in a practice during the 1994 NHL lockout, Mathieu Schneider memorable plastered a “Bettman Sucks” decal to his helmet, sending a not-so-subtle message to the face of the league.

On Monday morning, echoing Schneider’s actions eight years later, some current locked-out NHLers sported mesh-back baseball caps that read, “Puck Gary 2012-13 NHL Lockout.”

As reported by TVA Sports, a sister site of, the “Puck Gary” caps come with white lettering on a black cap or black lettering on a white cap.

TVA did not name the NHL players who were wearing them, but did publish a few photos.

The caps are not sanctioned by the NHLPA.

(TVA photo)

(TVA photo)