Yakupov’s slide makes it into NHL 13 update

Start sliding like Nail Yakupov.

The Edmonton Oilers tweeted out that Yakupov’s goal celebration was added to EA Sports: NHL 13.

The goal celebration happened on Jan. 24 against the Los Angeles Kings when the Oilers rookie scored on Jonathan Quick with 4.7 seconds left in the third period to tie the game. Sam Gagner scored in overtime to lift the Oilers over the Kings.

Yakupov’s celebration became the talk of the hockey world and garnered mixed reviews, including a public shaming by Don Cherry.

“If anytime you want to make our highlights just act like an idiot,” Cherry said.

“Here’s the MVP of the National Hockey League, here’s the best goaltender in the world, he’s embarrassed him, laying there like that,” said Cherry. “I’m telling you they — L.A. — is going to remember this.”

Cherry’s chirp is not included in the game update but you might get chirped by your friends.

The Oilers host the Kings on Tuesday for the first time since Yakupov’s slide.