Talks of Dallas Stars sale remain on hold

Negotiations regarding the Dallas Stars sale continue to move along at a methodical pace, and Sportsnet sources are saying that there likely will not be a sale any time soon.

The source said that many of the parties who are involved in negotiations are in the middle of family vacations, and that talks should pick up after Labour Day.

When asked about the Forbes report that the sale of the team could go for $275 million (US) to $300 million (US), the source stated that there is no limit on what the final price might be, as there are many variables involved.

The parties are not in the final stages of bidding by any means, but apparently there are still two primary potential owners remaining. These bidders are believed to be Tom Gaglardi and Bill Gallacher.

The billionaire owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban, declined to comment on an e-mail involving any talk of the Stars’ sale.