The Steve Dangle Podcast | CJ’s Pre-season Party | September 26, 2017

Auston Matthews is heading into his second season with the Maple Leafs and his expectations are lofty, with improved play all over the ice setting up another successful campaign.

On this episode, Chris Johnston is in studio!

WARNING!!! This is an explicit podcast. That means it may contain swearing. If you do not want to hear that sort of thing then do not watch or listen.

And Adam paid WAY TOO MUCH for pre-season tickets (0:00)

Auston’s Matt-Trick (5:00)

Leaf line combos (17:00)

Marleau (27:00)

Who’s starting on D? (32:00)

Babcock said Anderson is “in shape” (50:00)

Back to the D core (52:00)

What did you think of the Canadiens last night? (56:00)

Who’s looking great in the East? (1:03:00)

Who’s looking great in the West? (1:09:00)

Luuuupuuuul (1:15:00)

AND politics, visiting the White House, Crosby, & protesting (1:22:00).