Teacher rips Toronto’s Kessel, Phaneuf in quiz

The Hockey Central at Noon panel takes a look at the Toronto Maple Leafs and explains why they should be dangling sniper Phil Kessel for blue-chip future stars.

The various members of Leafs Nation have different outlets for directing their frustration with Toronto’s long-suffering club — currently losers of five of their last six games.

Some toss sweaters, some call in angry to talk radio, and others vent through math.

One physics teacher composed a question for his/her students that revealed the teacher’s opinion of core players Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf.

The answer, of course, is C:


Of the responses to the student’s post on Reddit, the best came from a Rangers junkie:

“I am a Rangers fan who went to high school on Long Island. I had a math teacher in 10th grade (1992/93) who was an Islanders fan. Anytime I had to solve a problem at the board in front of the class the answer was always 1940. Be careful what you ask for.”

(via Reddit)