Top 10 NHL Tweets of the Month: April

The last known photograph of this referee.(@bruinshockeynow)

It has been said that NHLers step up their intensity come Stanley Cup Playoffs time. The same could be observed of those tweeting about hockey, as April brought a deluge of brilliant Photoshops and nasty injuries we wish were Photoshopped.

10. When hand-me-downs go wrong:

9. Hockey selfie:

8. NHL rookie Zemgus Girgensons, 20, was one of the 2013-14 Buffalo Sabres’ biggest signs of promise, scoring 20 points in his first 63 games. So this invitation to try out for the NAHL’s Topeka RoadRunners next season was certainly well-earned:

7. Sometimes little Kenny, too, felt like Erik Karlsson. Not because he could make an end-to-end rush look Swedishly effortless, but rather because he didn’t always have the answers either:

6. The Edmonton Oilers will break your heart and steal your summer job:

6. The Columbus Blue Jackets celebrate a run to their second-ever playoff berth with the best hockey hug threesome you’ll ever see:

5. The playoffs’ opening round was a nail biter:

4. Oh, oh, I got one: Christian Ear-off. See what I did there?

3. So what if Luongo only tweets on a monthly basis now? Like UI cheques and full moons, a @Strombone1 send is worth waiting for. This one arrived after he stoned the Dallas Stars to save his former club from mathematical elimination:

2. Notice anything odd about this Brian Burke photo? You got it — the necktie is knotted.

1. I imagine Zdeno Chara awaking in a cold sweat. This is his night terror: